About The Designer

I have been working with HTML code since 1995. My first website was thrown together after discovering the "view source" option on my web browser and realizing how fun it was to program. I assisted in the development of Helpguide.org International's mobile website redesign when they transitioned from Dudamobile in 2012-2013.

After the redesign of Helpguide.org, which came in early and under budget, I started freelancing. My current rates and areas of focus are on my Consulting page.

About This Site

I originally created Dragonblog.biz to showcase my ability to design clean, easy to read websites using HTML5 and CSS3. I use Javascript and Jquery to enable more responsive features.

My goal is to design for mobile devices first, yet enable the site to be readable via desktop browsers. My current focus on browser compatability is Android, Firefox and Chrome.

My main tools are ConTEXT, Chrome, and FileZilla. Wordpress is my preferred blog software. Xenforo is my preferred forum software.

As this site is a work in progress, please check back often to see how it has evolved.