Site Design

I can build a simple, easy to read website that will help you drive traffic to your business.


In addition to site design, I offer blog set-up and maintenance using Wordpress software.

Current examples of site administration, blog design, and forum administration are available on my Projects page.

Administrative Tasks

I am an experienced Administrative Assistant, and can bring order to office chaos quickly and effectively.

I am proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, as well as Microsoft Access for database construction and administration.

I also have experience using OpenOffice and LibreOffice, which are comparable office suites.


I can help you reorganize your garage, house, or design a new filing system for your office.

For Hire!

I am on Visit my profile here!

My resumé and references are available upon request.

Rate Schedule and Billing

My hourly rate for Administrative Assistant work begins at $20.00/hour.

I bill bi-weekly, net 3, for positions lasting over one week in duration. This means you will be billed every two weeks, with the amount due 3 days after the date you are billed.

I accept Stripe and Paypal as my payment methods if you want to pay online. I also accept cash and checks.